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  • TOPdesk third place in Best Employer survey 2015
Susan Beckers 24 February 2016

TOPdesk third place in Best Employer survey 2015

TOPdesk was voted third best employer in the Netherlands in the Best Employer survey 2015. Terms of employment, learning climate and employee satisfaction form the basis of the survey conducted by NRC and research bureau SatisAction.

We are very proud of this result. We have been taking part in this survey since 2006 and continue to make progress each year. It confirms that you can grow your company by being a good employer. We believe that job satisfaction and growth are very important, even more important than profit optimization. The survey also shows that people are very happy with their career opportunities at TOPdesk.

What does TOPdesk do best?

TOPdesk was complimented on the social contacts within the company: 97% of our colleagues indicated that they enjoy working with their immediate colleagues. The growth opportunities and personal development are experienced as positive by 84% of the respondents.

When it comes to terms of employment, we score highly on the facilities for internal career guidance, a good pension plan, our healthy lunch, free massage during work hours and our collective profit-sharing plan.

SatisAction has been conducting independent research into the labour market since 2001

The NRC Best Employer survey is an independent survey for good employers with highly-educated employees. Independent means that the participants do not purchase their participation in the survey. A condition is that the ‘large employers’ employ at least 75 people with a fixed contract. The sub surveys for terms of employment and employee satisfaction together form the ranking for ‘Best Employer of the Netherlands’. Mirjam Baars, research leader and founder of SatisAction, who has been committed to this research for 14 years, says, “Employers are investigated and are compared with some of the best companies. The participation threshold is quite high.”

TOPdesk came in fifth regarding terms of employment and ninth regarding employee satisfaction.

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