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  • Build a high-quality product

Wendy van Slooten 09 December 2015Tags: Development, English

Build a high-quality product

To build great software you need mad skills. To reach a high level of craftsmanship in software development you need a lot of time, many (solved) problems and mistakes, teamwork and a hint of brilliance.

Java and quality code

We use Java-8 to build our product. Besides Java we have a broad tech stack and we’re always interested in learning new technologies. We invest time and effort in high-quality code and knowledge sharing. Not only does our agile work method support this on a daily basis, we also organize our own International Development Meeting, a yearly TOPdesk-conference for all product developers from the Netherlands, Germany and Hungary, to share ideas and talk about the future. These things help you develop wicked dev skills.

Why do companies buy our product?

TOPdesk is a standardized web application: powerful, versatile, and compliant with a variety of frameworks. Over the past two decades our product evolved because we use the feedback of our customers and build on this relationship to work together. We have quite some fans among our client base. Besides that we believe a service management tool should be affordable and our consultancy philosophy is to make our customers independent in their operations as soon as possible.


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